Shave It Off

I´m back! … I realize I haven´t posted in absolutely ages! Really bad I know, however, I would like to try and make a fresh start as I do enjoy blogging, good for making memories and I hope that some of the stuff I post can be of interest to people.


I´d like to quickly talk about my latest charity stunt! … ´Shave It Off´ … A dear friend of mine, who is 14 years old, was diagnosed with brain tumors and is undergoing radio therapy treatment. Due to treatment, she knew that she would loose all her hair. Before this happened she decided to shave it off and donate her hair to charity, as well as raise money for a couple of charities of her choice.

I could´t let her do that alone and so, my friend and I decided to shave our hair too! A girl having to loose her hair is such a big deal and even though it will grow back, no girl should have to go through that, let alone go through it alone!

It all happened within the space of three weeks, from dec icing to do it with her, to setting up a page, to then finally loosing our locks! The event took place, the weekend just gone, 22nd February 2014. I will remember that day for the rest of my life.

The day consisted of make-up, photos, laughter, love anxiety and friendship! – I really wanted to focus on making it an ‘event’ for my friend and not something painful to have to go through, I booked the make-up artist (Sophie Murray Make Up) and photographer (LauraO Photography), can I just say that they were absolutely amazing and it really made all the difference. They stayed throughout the day and it was so lovely to have their company. It also meant that 1) we would look nice before loosing our hair & 2) we have amazing photos of the event, which we will cherries forever.

It was a surreal experience, to think that I was going to have no hair and to do it by choice too, however, doing it with two of my closest friends and for a girl I love so dearly, it was all worth it. If anyone was to ask how it felt or what I was feeling at the time, I honestly could´t say. I couldn´t tell you how fast my heart was beating at the time or how sick I felt & the only thing I seemed to be able to do was to laugh! – which can only be a good thing.

It truly was the weirdest sensation, having razors put to your head and seeing your  hair just ‘fall’ off, can I just add that none of us had short hair either! I would´t change it for the world though and will say that I don´t look as bad as I thought I would. Some people thought I was crazy but standing up and seeing so much hair on the floor and feeling so happy to be there for my friend, was the best feeling! At the end of the day, It will grow back!

Also, we’ve managed to raise a large amount of money, so far between us we stand at just over 11,000 and no amount of hair could ever repay that – We were truly touched by everyone´s generosity. I will take this opportunity to say that the Just Giving page is still open, should you wish to contribute… We are raising money for two hospitals close to all our hearts.

To remember the event my friend bought us two girls a bracelet each, with a charm that has a pair of scissors and a comb! It was like it was meant to be, we also all have the same ring, which we wear on the middle finger of our right hand, just below the bracelet. I will not be forgetting the event anytime soon.


A little message to you Cissy – Whenever you feel down or feel like you can´t keep on or lose hope, look down at your hand, focus on the ring and the bracelet that brings all three of us so close and remember how much Katie and I love you and that you are not alone. Let those items bring back the amazing memories of the weekend and don´t forget “As friends we fight” – Love you! Amazing girl.

The most important thing to remember is that “true friendship knows no bounds”. There´s always a way of turning a negative into a positive and part of that is surrounding yourself with people you love as well as people who love you.

The three of us after the shave!

The three of us after the shave!



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