“Hair is so over rated”

After shaving all my hair off a week ago, I’ve come to realisation that hair is so over rated! There’s a lot more to life.

Having long hair meant that I had something to fiddle with when I got nervous, something to playa round with when I got bored and something to style according to the occasion.

So, of course, it’s a huge deal for a girl to loose her hair and I doubt any girl would cut their hair this short by choice, however, it’s becoming an interesting experience and I’m excited to be able to try out so many different hair styles, as my hair begins to grow back. I can do whatever I like with it & it’s exciting to know how fresh and healthy it will be!

We often complain about our hair though. my hairs to long, my hairs too thin, I’m having a ‘bad hair’ day, don’t look at my hair it’s greasy etc… In actual fact we should just be grateful to have hair! – having no hair has made me realise that we use it and make it a part if our lives a lot more than we think.

We can never really imagine ourselves without hair either but really, it’s not as bad as you may think! … I know I’m saying this after having done it by choice and I can’t imagine how painful it must be to loose your hair to being ill – must be so unpleasant. Especially, since shaving my hair, some of the looks I’ve been given are unbelievable! It always confuses me that people will stare but never have the courage to ask.

To anyone that is forced to loose their hair, my message would be to try and have a little fun with it, take it day by day and remember “it’s not what you look like, it’s who you are” that’s important. – plus, there’s benefits, like not having to wash it so often, or brush it morning and night and we gain about an extra hour, we don’t have to worry about styling it!

Anyone who can only see ‘hair’ isn’t worth keeping, there’s so much more to a person!

Had I not had the courage to support my friend through this shave, I would have never experienced what I’ve just spoken about and would have carried on moaning about my hair all the time, wishing I had this and not that…

Be grateful for the hair you have but remember at the end of the day: it will always grow back!





Hannah x


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