Smile and Wave


Firstly… Happy Pancake Day!! – Even though I’m not at home, used my mum ma’s (love her) amazing recipe to make some of my own. YUM! I’ve definitely eaten way too many pancakes today, sure you all have too… to be honest, you’d be crazy not too. 


It’s officially been a week since I arrived in Spain and it is so nice to have some sun!

I will be out here for a total of four months, trying to work on my Spanish, so I still have time to get a tan and have lots of fun, eating amazing food… I´m staying out here with a family that I know (so don’t feel completely lost), in a little town called Onda, near to the city Valencia – very beautiful.

The first week has been quite hard though, even though I have felt extremely welcomed and I understand a lot of people are saying, Spanish people speak incredibly FAST! It’s just part of their culture. Just means that I have to be ‘on the ball’ all the time, I can feel my brain working extra hard!

Although I understand a lot, it is hard to have a full length conversation with someone, that will come in time I’m sure but, it’s quite frustrating really. Especially because I am such a chatter box usually… The most annoying thing is not being able to communicate ‘properly’ with the families son, I always love being around children, having a laugh and in this case playing pirates and dragons but when you can’t fully understand what he’s saying to you (because he speaks so fast!) it is very annoying. I often find myself doing the Penguins of Madagascar, “Smile and Wave” act.

I will never be able to speak as fast as they do, that’s for sure! However, hopefully I will get used to their pace and become more confident in actually speaking… for now I just wish they would S-L-O-W D-O-W-N! At least give me a chance 🙂


There is some good in it though, being able to understand a lot more than speak, i’ve already experienced and understood a lot about the culture… Last week for example, along with the family we attended what they call ‘Carnival’  – all the children dress up according to a topic they have been learning, in this instance it was a mixture of pirates, animals, nature and more, and they walk the streets with a live band for all the parents and family to watch.

It was quite an interesting experience, I could never imagine anything like that back home, we all seem so boring compared to this – ha-ha. it was amazing to see everyone gather together and watch the whole school parade about the streets. Parents and families were so proud and I don’t think anything could have wiped the smile off the children’s faces at that moment in time. Truly wonderful! It was just so nice to see a community come together like that. Something I have never experienced before but would definitely recommend – How fun must that be for everyone involved!

Just wanted to share that with you all! Hope it was ok and maybe you took one or two things from it too. Have a lovely rest of the week, for now, go eat some Pancakes!!



See what I mean! … How awesome!



Sneak peak of my next blog! …


Oh Yes... Can't wait to share why!

Oh Yes… Can’t wait to share why!


Hannah x


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