So excited to say that I will be going to Florida this summer, for at least two months!

It won’t be like an ordinary holiday though, I will be going on my own and volunteering at the amazing ‘resort’ that is Give Kids The World (GKTW). – This is a place that caters to seriously and terminally ill children, through other wish organizations … They act like a ‘villa’ for wish families who are visiting Disney World Orlando, providing various activities and FUN for everyone who visits.

I can not tell you how excited it makes me, that I am going to be a part of these families fun and most importantly, amazing memories! Children like this inspire me and I love being around them, as well as having fun! Giving them smiles and hope, just as they deserve. They’re motto is “Where happiness inspires hope” and I very much look forward to being a part of making that happen… I can’t think of a better way to spend my summer 🙂

Wanted to share that with you all! Will update as I know more… Florida, here I come!

See link below for the official site and all the work that they do.


Hannah x


Florida, here I come

Florida, here I come



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