I have been really bad at updating lately! So thought I would get a blog in this morning, about something I experienced last night…


Yesterday evening was a tad crazy, it was the start of the Easter holidays for everyone here in Spain and all the ‘youngsters’ go out to get absolutely smashed… I understand that they may want to celebrate the end of school and beginning of  easter etc, it just seemed a little weird to me that getting absolutely smashed, is the tradition here.

What shocked me was that these ‘Fiesta’s’ started from around 5.30, which I thought was the time people would start to get ready, I was so wrong! People were already in the fields by that time downing drinks and popping open bottle after bottle elf booze! Many of them already very drunk and some quite unwell, which I found hard to understand, why would you want to let yourself get into that state? … Enjoy the alcohol, don’t let it destroy you.

By around 6.30, the main club in the town and the streets were packed with celebrating teenagers and this would presumably be an ongoing until late evening. It was an absolute mess and totally insane, a real eye opener for me.

I find it quite sad that teens as young as 13 go out to ‘get smashed’, that it’s not about being together, having a laugh, checking out a club or actually celebrating the start of the holidays, it’s purely to go and get as drunk as possible… It’s almost like a crazy competition.


I’m not a massive fan of drinking if i’m honest, that doesn’t mean to say that I won’t drink! I would just rather have a glass of wine at dinner or when out for a meal, rather than drink my body weight in it and not remember anything the next morning!

There’s nothing wrong with it I guess, it’s their culture and their way of celebrating but I just find it upsetting that alcohol is the drive of people’s togetherness. Alcohol has become the centre of ‘having a good time’. What happened to just chilling, going out for a meal… etc?


I’ve been lucky enough to make some nice friends out here, although I did go along to see what all the buzz was about, I ended up having dinner with a friend and watching the football, which is more up my street. Something nice and relaxed, where we can enjoy a glass of wine or beer but our evening didn’t resolve around it.






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