A Ray of Sunshine

“The best moments in life come when you least expect them”

I try not to write very long posts but I don’t know that I can help myself for this particular update …


I was born three months premature with a rare, incurable, congenital heart disease called Complicated Ebsteins Anomaly. I would need surgery to fix all the complications and would be monitored regularly… At the age of 9 I had open heart surgery and have since had 8 more operations to tweek and fix things. My most recent surgery being a pacemaker implant in 2012.

In that year, artist Jessie J came on the scene, & I was quickly made aware that she also lived with some sort of heart condition. I found that so cool! She had been through similar situations but was still doing amazing things, & on top of that she wrote part of her 1st album about being in hospital – which is something I could of course relate to!

Having just been told I needed more surgery, her songs “Big White Room” & “Who You Are” became a big part of my therapy and I spent many of my stays in hospital reading about her or listening to her music. Music is a great power for someone who is ill and it helped me immensely, always took me to another world! A place where I felt safe and disconnected from the sadness and pain that was going on around me.


That’s when it hit me, I wanted to personally thank Jessie for the songs that had helped me most … So, at the age of 15 I put in a wish application to the Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity to meet Jessie J.

The charity and I struggled to make this happen, to the point that we decided it wasn’t meant to be …


Until last Saturday Night! … Saturday 14th November, for me, was absolutely insane. I’m still waiting for someone to come and pinch me, wake me up from the dream.

I was helping out at the charity’s annual ball and it was arranged (as a complete surprise) for Jessie J to fulfil my wish there, that’s exactly what happened, in front of 300 people… I was taken by the hand to the front of the room where Jessie walked on stage (accompanied by her incredible guitarist) and began to sing … I honestly had no idea what on earth was going on & my body & mind went into complete shock!!! I cried & cried and my body was shaking something crazy! – I was mentally not ready for that to happen … Ever!!

I always used to tell myself that if it was to ever happen, I would be so calm and composed and really tell her everything that I wanted, in a ‘normal’ way – that is the biggest lie I have ever told myself! – But what I love most, is that my reaction could not have been more honest and real. click here for a little peak … So you can see that it blew my mind!

Rather than just a quick Hi & Bye or embarrassing encounter at one of her concerts, it all happened in the most intimate setting, in front of people I know and with the charity there to witness it all, which was just ‘wow’ – I really couldn’t have asked for more, what an incredible moment.

We had a little sing along to her number 1 hit ‘Price Tag’ and then she sang her new single ‘Bang Bang’. After all that commotion, she did ask whether I had any questions, but to be honest I was completely out of it that I couldn’t think, however, I knew that this was my moment to say THANK YOU! For the music that helped through the scariest times of being ill, that’s exactly what I did … To see her response click here.

I was lucky enough to be surrounded by people I love very much, one of these people being one of my closest friends Cissy (another wish child) and the other being Olivia – someone I’ve spoken about many times before and even blogged about before. It made it so special and meaningful for me. It’s friends like this that help me be who I am and always see the positive in what is going on around me. I consider myself to be the luckiest girl in the world to have a friend like this … & this next picture captures it beautifully!

"Sometimes pictures speak 1,000 words"

“Sometimes pictures speak 1,000 words”

Olivia, you have no idea how very close to my heart you are & my experience would not have been the same, had you not be there.

During this insane moment, any worry, pain or fear that I have ever had to deal with flew out of the window and I was trapped in the best ‘happy’ bubble in the world, which I had never really experienced before. Rays of Sunshine give a true gift and wonderful memories to so many children and there is no way to fully describe the effect it has on us.

"A dream is a wish your heart makes"

“A dream is a wish your heart makes”

we must surround ourselves with the people that matter to us most in the world, because they are those who will always help and be there for you! They are the people that were with me to experience a truly magical moment and I would never change that … I could have had so many wonderful things that night but if the people that were there hadn’t been there, it would have been a completely different story! I can not put into words how I felt, because there is no word that will ever be able to truly describe the gift this charity gave me.IMG_1985

I never in a million years thought this would happen! … However, if it hadn’t taken this long to organise I may not have become so involved with the charity or become such good friends with people like Olivia. If there is one thing it has taught me, it’s to be patient with the things that you want but whilst you wait, make time for others, help others and appreciate all the moments (big or small) that come before it.

Jessie & I

Jessie & I

“Good things come to those who wait”

Not even a million thank you’s would be enough for the charity and I will never be able to repay them for what they did for me, so please go and check out the Rays of Sunshine website to see more of the amazing work that they do for many other children across the country!

Lots of Love,



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