Why choose to love something we know we will lose?

Growing up in the hospital environment, I have come to know many ‘sick’ children & adults, some I have met whilst in my hospital bed and others I have met on my journey or have been close friends or family.

Other times, I have sat and admired parents as they watch their child suffer – attached to tubes and trying to fight with everything they have. I have known of people lose their children in their arms – how unfair the world can be. – I would often wonder how, how parents do that, how they can cling onto that love, when they already know that there is little or no hope.

On more than once occasion, I have watched friends become frail and sadly slip away and my heart has been broken! – In those moments I would often ask myself why!? Why I had let myself become so attached and why I loved something I knew I would lose.

The truth is, during that time they need that support, there is no way we can not love – it’s not something we have control over. Even if we know that they only have a month or so to live, how can we leave them or not love.

As sad as it is, death is part of life! I don’t think it’s something anyone will ever get used to, it is not something that will ever not be painful but it is something we will all have to face at some point in our lives.

We all have to leave at some point, but some of us just leave a lot quicker than others,

What I know though is that we will never stop loving these people, there will always be a place for them in our hearts.

It is so hard to prepare your heart for that sort of thing, it is almost impossible but over time I have understood that whether they are here or not our hearts never stop loving – these situations just become a part of our lives and who we are.


Hannah x

Hope you have a good weekend

H x


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