Little Things…

This week has been quite a special one for me but also made me realise that sometimes we should be grateful for all the little things & that we should appreciate it all. 

From being ill and having met, and lost some of my closest friends through illness, I’ve always known that life and time is precious but I felt it a lot more this past week and just wanted to share some of my own ‘little things’. This week I’ve really appreciated most moments and spent time with the people I love most.

Just wanted to write about a few of those moments… 


I spent Friday morning collecting a cheque for £7,000 for Rays of Sunshine, which my old school had raised by doing a sponsored walk and then I had such a nice chilled day in the sun, doing fun things and spending time with people I love. – Please see the link at the bottom of the page to see all the amazing work that Rays of Sunshine do. 


Friday morning… sun, fun & selfies 🙂


Saturday I spent the day with the two girls I shaved my hair off with and it was the best time I have had in a long while, due to treatment and not being well, Cissy hadn’t been out properly in ages and it was so nice to have such a laugh and to see the smile on her face all day long. It was weird to see how we were treated, as Cissy is in a wheelchair and now has no hair but can I just say that it has it’s perks! … It’s not often that you get escorted around M&M world and have your bags and coats carried for you! – amazing day and all because I spent it with people I love dearly… We just went with it and had such a lovely day with lots of photos and big smiles. They are often the most precious moments – we all know that anything could happen at anytime, so we know how to have the best of times! 


M&M World and personalized M&M’s


Today was probably the most important for me though and was what really made me think of how precious our time is. Today marks 6 months since I lost my ‘little best friend’ to Cancer (I spoke about Bella in my last blog) & although I woke up feeling quite sad at that fact, I also remembered the amazing times I had with her and thought about all these selfies that people are taking for cancer awareness… Bella was a photo kind of girl and it makes me so happy to share this beautiful selfie of her! with no make, looking her best with the biggest smile on her cute little face! Yes, I wish she was still here of course but today I share this photo to remember her, how proud I was and still am of her and to remind myself to cherish every moment of everyday.


“Be your own kind of beautiful”


Even though I felt a bit odd today, I still had a lot of reasons to celebrate, as it was my little sisters 8th Birthday, very sweet! As I am living in Spain and only back for a week, this week, I thought I would surprise her! it was the best… I told her that I was going home yesterday (Tuesday 18th), so said my goodbye’s yesterday morning and then spent the whole day making her a cake and organizing a surprise party for today! I then stayed at Cissys house for the night, so that it looked like I had really gone back to Spain. 

I came home this morning to an empty house, planned her party, got the house ready and finished off her cake and at 3.30 when she came home with all her friends, I hid behind my living room door until she walked in and I screamed ‘Happy Birthday’ at the top of my lungs, popping two massive party poppers at the same time. She was so confused but the reaction on her face was priceless and one I will never forget. I know that is something she will cherish and appreciate forever.

We spent the evening with her friends and family and it was so nice to watch her have such a blast and really be a part of her growing up. 


Birthday Celebrations


This week I also published the video of the shave & to finish my night I was sent this lovely message, from a member of the band Lumintes, who I have met before and stayed in touch with, about the video … very chuffed! So nice to have so much support but also to have someone so ‘out there’ say it, so lovely. – Please use the link at the end of the blog to see the video! 



So lovely


I’ve had a lot of time to think this week, about how precious everyday is and how we should never wish time away, even if it’s a bad moment. Those bad times come for specific reasons, perhaps for something better to come along or for us to grow and become better people, & that reason may not be clear at the time, but It becomes clear at some point.

I hope some of you can take something from this blog post, I just felt like I had to share and also take the opportunity to remind everyone to just have fun, live life and remember that every moment is precious! 

Sometimes we look forward to all the big things in life and we forget to stop and enjoy all the little things along the way. 



Just because 🙂


“At the end of the day, let there be no excuses, no explanations, no regrets.”


Hannah x




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